the best ride


Explain yourself... "What you want of me" digits
someone not of words or kid blushing cheeks
of frosty complements, the indent of your standstill, heavy.

I escaped profane evolution fickle fuck therory
Work is done lay down the beams of industry
No longer mortal grey of Brooklyn slate and years
Can I now walk on you if I please
Tip toe behind you, rattling chains.


A rose is a rose (I supose...)
I Wilted... hers a mask of face blossoms
Wide elastic smile
Chicklet sugar molers a *ting*
When vasline girls hit the sun
Just right.
just right.

I... of poor orignial love.
seeping through suckling nipples of young pink women
and what makes them so Teeee Veeeee.
I, of lacking devices plastic
Eye, minus long divison mathematics.


When raisins eat... the air
they swallow it whole
slowly stingy old men wrinkles retain experence
stairing at the sun.


My end is a point
unrealized. Unreconized.
fathom it here before it actually...


Ok, so my note-to-self. No more rhymes, I denounce you, rhymes, your way too easy. I hate easy writing. Be more profound! Spontanious! Original! Pow! Wham! Lots of exclamations mean I'm serious! Promise!

Someone please, how can I improve my writing, to stop this infernal rhyme phase I've had going on since Ben left me?
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the best ride

Needle in the hay.

First what I did was notice all the grooves, the lines and dark spots on my face, my hands have freckles, what the fuck, man. Then tried to look at my art work, get inspired on some level other than mass depression of the comming of age, people laugh at my mid life the age of 21. I've been keeping poems more to myself now, as they are timelines, and seem more important to me now then they ever did. I also quit my job, because it fucking blew. So maybe I'll take care of dogs, or something I actually want to do, that pays money I dont mind getting.

I did in fact turn 21, I didnt want to, I rather stay 17 forever than grow another year, let alone see one.

Alot happened, but it went just as fast as your time went doing your more important things. So thusly, it isnt any concern but to myself. I picked up A Portrait Of Dorian Grey, a sort of indirect gift from a MIA spirt, of one Ben Jenney.

Ohhhhh warm skin of casper, begin.
The ghost is real, the form of my house
as small as the hole, smaller the mouseadapts
-I squeezed into shoes with velvet crushed number 1 blues,
as asians did, or often do
-Achieved nirvana, while others basked in defeat;
to own others I refused to keep.

Shelf life.

Ohhhhhh so I raised the sword, unguard.
of your many disney tunes, dance and spun the math of this room
found a spot people did sit
burrowed and slept for days, I must admit

It's much better than knowing your alive
Equally, that things once were, maggots or the fly.

Well, I cant put it any other way, honestly.
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the best ride

Someone Tell The Kid...

Ahhh, work at 8 am sucks my balls.

but it's only part time, on the phone, FOR 6 HOURS.

How does someone even manage to make that many phone calls?

Well, I guess we'll find out.

Last night, I had alot on my mind, so I got not so great sleep.

He's got the will to drive me sleepless. So does this job. But this will occupy me, and I'll always be in reach of everything I need to do.

I'm mad nervous, but I'm sure I'll do fine with some coffee. And Ren's right across the street.

Someone tell Ben, Karma, please.
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the best ride

Rap makes zen.

Hmmm where to begin?

I've been having fun, despite all the events of the last week, and in the mists of all the snow, a pigeon found a nice warm place on the corner of my windowsill. I fed it honey roasted ham.

Hmmm, I have a job interview, amazingly right near when Ren lives. 500 a week, but I don't believe it. Neither does anyone else I tell, so I'm going to check it out.

I shouldnt of had those eggs, I knew if I ate something in the morning I'd feel crappy.

Uhhhh what else?

My hair got washed after like 2 months of not. Yes...gross, but I like the way my hair smells when I havent really washed it, and its alot healther for hair.

Uh, reminder, Eve on friday at 11:30. Eve on friday at 11:30.

Holy shit.

Another pigeon came on my window sill, with a huge bloated neck, and kicked the other pigeon off, looked at me and flew away.

What an asshole. I had more ham.
the best ride


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